Maisel Phone Cases That Strengthen Baby's Brain Power - Three Cheers

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 Artwork Designed By Experts

Did you know high-contrast artwork both mesmerizes babies and strengthens their brain development? Maisel's black-and-white images were designed by experts to capture your little one's attention and build their cognitive talent. You'll take better pictures & videos of your newborn, while also helping to stimulate their brain power. Learn more about the science at

Protective Case

The form of this shock-absorbent soft case is slightly malleable, so it fits snugly over the buttons and curves of your device without adding bulk. A small lip prevents the screen from making physical contact when the phone is face down. A soft microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your iPhone. On the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the exterior feels great in your hand.

This three-pack includes each of our case designs.

The Birdie

P.S. Did you know… many Victorian photographers would tell children to “watch The Birdie” because they had a golden mechanical bird attached to their camera and when they took the picture, the bird’s tail would wag and it would sing.

The Zele

P.S. Did you know… in Bulgaria they say "zele", meaning "cabbage,” instead of "cheese" when taking a picture. (FYI, Baby Maisel says she likes cheese a lot more than cabbage.)

The Mocha

P.S. Did you know… while we've been saying "cheese" during pictures for decades, it's actually not great for a natural-looking smile. Words that end in an "uh" sound—like mocha or pizza (keeping with the food theme)—give you a more realistic grin. We have no doubt Baby Maisel will greatly enjoy saying (and eating) both!