Thinksport Fork and Spoon Set

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Thinksport's Fork and Spoon come as part of our GO2 Travel container set. After lots of requests, we finally have them available for separate purchase. They're great for on the road travel, camping or work.


Both fork and spoon are built with  304 stainless steel with an  easy to grip polypropylene  ergonomic handle.

Use & Care

Fork and Spoon are both dishwasher safe - utensil rack recommended.

The Why

Thinksport's  Fork and Spoon set furthers our mission by providing safe, sustainable, functional and elegant products for athletes. In the development of our BPA free products, Thinksport continues the mission by providing a  set of utensils free of BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, and PVC.
Our  fork and spoon  set is also free of Melamine. Early laboratory research has shown melamine based tableware to leach melamine at various temperatures and when combined with other chemicals (such as formaldehyde and cyanuric) have the potential to pose a risk. As we expect the debate to begin on the safety of this chemical, the research we reviewed caused us to ask a simple question. Does the product have to have melamine? Nope. So we built our set of utensils to be completely free of it.