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Houston, TX 77057

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SNOO Bassinet


SNOO Bassinet


SNOO is a responsive baby bassinet that boosts a baby’s sleep by combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. Created by Dr. Harvey Karp (The 5 S’s, Happiest Baby on the Block), SNOO helps babies by imitating the calming sensations of the womb.

Why Parents Love the Snoo

  • Adds 1-2 hours of sleep
  • Convenient and informative app
  • Stunning look that is sure to fit any style
  • Peace of mind knowing Baby is safely swaddled and soothed

Why Babies Love the Snoo

  • Comforting motions
  • Relaxing sounds
  • Comfortable and familiar tight swaddle

What's Included

  • (1) SNOO Smart Sleeper
  • (3) 100% organic cotton white SNOO Sacks (S, M, & L)
  • (1) 100% organic cotton fitted sheet
  • (1) Mattress and water resistant-cover


  • Gently rocks baby to sleep
  • Breathable mesh walls for healthy air flow
  • Adds 1-2 hours of sleep per night with constant calming womb rhythms
  • Advanced algorithm can tell baby cries from room noise
  • Often calms fussing in under 1 minute
  • (3) special white-noise sounds to calm crying and boost sleep
  • Premium motor for quiet and reliability
  • Naturally sleep trains, little need to cry-it-out
  • Secure swaddling prevents rolling to an unsafe position during sleep
  • Soothes upsets by responding with gradually more motion and sound
  • Almost like an extra pair of hands that soothes baby while you work/sleep
  • Mobile app: Convenient controls, daily sleep report and tips from Dr. Harvey Karp

Weight Capacity

  • Max. baby weight: 25 lbs.
  • From birth to 6 months (or when baby can get on hands and knees)

Mobile App

  • SNOO Sleep Log gives instant report of baby’s sleep—fun to share
  • Lots of options: From gentle newborn mode to easy weaning
  • Helpful alerts and advice from Dr. Karp


  • 36” L × 16” W × 32” H (with legs)
  • Weight: 38 lb

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