Nanobebe Smart Warming Bowl

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  • Optimal Warming System for Breast Milk: Provides safe, even warming of Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottles and Breast Milk Storage Bags with its unique geometry
  • Sleek, Modern, and Convenient: An attractive addition to your countertop and baby feeding routine
  • Adheres to Highest Medical Guidelines and Standards:Breastmilk should be warmed in a bowl of warm water to prevent nutrient damage that occurs from overheating
  • Easy for Travel: No batteries, no electricity, and zero fuss. Just add warm water.
  • Ideal for Our Breastmilk Bottles: which are perfect for nursing and pumping moms, as they safely and evenly warm 2x faster than other bottles on the market
  • Baby-Safe: BPA and Phthalate free.

Medical guidelines state that breast milk should only be warmed in a bowl of warm water to prevent overheating and nutrient damage, making our Smart Warming Bowl the optimal warming product for your breastmilk.