Café Baby Mommy's Milk Coffee Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

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Have your coffee and eat it too. Chocolate chips and ground decaf coffee blend perfectly into one cookie and still have those ingredients you need for your breast milk boost. 

If you're nursing and are struggling with a low milk supply, try ten of Café Baby Cofounder Jeannie's favorite snack for a boost. These cookies provide plenty of whole grains, fiber, iron and amino acids that are a natural remedy to help stimulate and increase milk production. They also provide Omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary for Baby's brain development. When you're nursing, healthy snacks are a must to help with calories that Baby takes from Mommy. Pair with a serving of fruit for a balanced snack any time of the day.

We are proud to source our single origin coffee from local coffee company Indie Coffee Roasters.

Contains: 10 cookies