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Melanin Magic - toys that teach diversity

Just like every ribbon helps make up this Melanin Magic skin tone rainbow, every person makes up the rainbow of humanity. Without one of these ribbons, the toy would be incomplete.

In the same way, we can teach our children that without the breadth of diversity represented by all of our different colors of skin, our world would be incomplete.

In this simple toy, every ribbon is necessary, every ribbon deserves a place.

It's a beautiful visual tool to teach children that our differences are part of what makes our world a beautiful place.

Choose an affirmation and watch them dance, play, and laugh for joy.

Children are beautiful. In every color. Let's teach them to celebrate their skin and their melanin!

Why is melanin magic?

Melanin protects us from the sun! Teaching our kids the science behind their hue is a great way to help them see just how magic melanin really is!

Skin comes in a rainbow of colors, and these ribbon wand toys celebrate the diversity of children and their many hues of melanin.



$2 from every purchase is donated to Brown Babes Rep Too - an organization that advocates for diversity in small business advertising.

Our ribbon wands feature:

Smooth double sided satin (so soft)

Heat sealed ribbon edges (no fray)

Organic wooden ring (won't break when dropped)


About our guarantee:  If your wood ring breaks for any reason, simply send it back and we’ll replace your ribbon wand.  We’ll even pay your return shipping.  Just send us an email through our website contact form and we’ll take care of the rest.


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