Lavelu Lounger Baby Sink Bath Insert

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The Lavelu Lounger is the first and only universal, fully supportive baby sink bath insert designed to conform to your baby’s body shape, providing ultimate head and neck support during bathing in any sink.

Mom Invented, Baby Approved: Use It, Drain It, Squeeze It, Hang It!

Take the stress away and give your baby the comfortable bath it deserves.  Unlike other sink insert products on the market today, the Lounger does not retain water and becomes soaking wet and heavy to handle after use.  The lounger is made of waterproof material that allows the water to flow through and acts like a cushion that conforms to the baby's body emulating the soft comfort of a mother's womb.  It will fit in any sink type - square, round, kitchen or bathroom sink; RV, camper, home or hotel, you can take the Lounger with you wherever you go! 

  • Better choice over leading insert products and easier to use

  • Waterproof 

  • Hang for quick dry (hand wash / air dry) 

  • Fully supportive for newborn neck and head

  • Fits in ANY sink type 

  • Travels well, very lightweight 

  • Upcycle to a bath pillow when the baby is too big for sink bath


  • Perfect baby shower gift