Mouse Loves Pig Kid + Toy Face Mask Set

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Face Mask for Kids

Soft cotton in fun prints and soft stretch elastic that is easy on the ears.

No wire needed, this mask is shaped for a child's face, so that it won't slip around, won't press against their sensitive under eye area, and won't bunch up under their chin.

You will receive one kid size face mask and one coordinating face mask for dolls or stuffed animals.

Best fit for 3 years old to 10 years old.

8" wide side to side, covers 4.5" from top to bottom.

Let's face it, face masks can be uncomfortable psychologically and physically for kids. Giving them a mask for their favorite buddy for some learning through play can make it a little less scary.

Some tips to get kids to wear a face mask:

Model good mask wearing habits. If you and other adults in their lives wear masks when in public and wash hands frequently, then your kids will copy your behavior... with some prompting. ;)

Introduce a mask through play first. Let your child be the adult to their favorite stuffed animal. Pretend for a few days that every time the stuffed animal leaves the bedroom, it needs to wear a mask. Giving your child an outlet through play can help them feel more in control of the situation.

Explain germs and how they spread in an age appropriate manner. For young kids, glitter can be fun way to talk about how quickly germs spread and how hand washing is so important.

Be honest with them. If it's uncomfortable for you too, tell them. Kids love it when adults tell them the truth about life. Phrases like "I don't like it either, but we don't want to spread our germs, so we wear masks." or "It can be hot and uncomfortable, let's find a quiet corner away from other people where we can safely take these off for a few minutes and cool down" (for this one, you the adult need to help them safely remove and then replace their mask).

Always let it be voluntary. If your kiddo flat our refuses a mask, its best to back off and not force the issue. Head back to the suggestions above and try again when it is a little more familiar.

Reusable Face Mask for Kids

For younger children, you might need to add a knot to the elastic to make it fit a little more snugly on the face. Younger children may prefer a slightly looser fit, as long as it doesn't slip around to expose their nose.

Remember, a face covering will not protect your child from becoming ill or becoming exposed to any sorts of diseases. A properly worn mask WILL prevent your child from sneezing in your eyeballs or the eyeballs of their friends.