Gugu Guides: Getting Started

Welcome! We're excited to have you join the Gugu Guides. Please review the best practices below for the optimal experience.
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Best practices for social sellers
Best Practices for Social Sellers
Overlay - create a compelling profile page
1. Photo
2. Short bio
3. Link to social media profiles
4. Curate boards
5. Discover (name your own personalized URL & microsite)
Best practices for curating
Best Practices for Curating: Creating a Board
creating a board
Curate with a theme in mind
Pick a theme and tell a story, add products that fit (e.g., Eco-friendly Finds, Saturday Shenanigans)
Curate a board that offers expert tips
How-to's, recommendations, favorites, new product alerts...
Curate a look
Add all products to achieve the look (e.g., Boho Nursery Vibes)
Best Practices for Curating: Tips to Edit Your Boards
Tips to edit
Curate the number of products
Give your client enough options to shop: 4 to 6 is best! (Max of 4 items will show as the board preview image)
Rearrange products
Select how many items to preview and which to show first - first on the board is the first to shop!
Change the board cover image
Elevate the look of the board with the brand content image. (These images are store in the imagery repository.) 
Grab your audience with a catchy title
Best Practices for Curating: Grab Your Audience With a Catchy Board Title
Short and sweet is best! Rhymes and alliterations are catchy. 
Inspire with a mood! "Sleep tight, baby" "Mama's Night Out"
Stay away from an overall category; be specific (e.g., instead of "car seats" try "Baby's Ride)
Best practices for curating
Best Practices for Curating: Descriptions...Keep Them Relevant!
Stay on Message
Consider what's in the board and keep a consistent tone.
Educate your followers and be helpful
Add the value proposition of the products, how and when to use them...
Write about why you use the products you are recommending.
*Remember - on the first few characters show on your feed so make that first point the best point! (approx. 200 characters)
Best practices for sharing
Best Practices for Sharing
Educate and Inspire It's not about spamming your network, it's about sharing great products you've discovered.
When communicating, successful social sellers should...
  • Be an expert - product knowledge
  • Be empathetic - earn trust, know your audience, communicate with authenticity and brand voice
  • Be helpful - offer advice, tricks, solve a concern
  • Be engaging - answer questions, peruse comments
The tone should always be...
  • Informal, personal, conversational
  • Clear, short and simple
  • Creative and articulate
  • Positive and energetic, with a dose of passion
  • Open, honest and straightforward
  • Fun, cheeky and lighthearted
  • Knowledgable
  • Authentic with brand voice
Communication: Use Branded Messages and Content
Message section: You will receive communication from your Brand Admin in regards to content you should be sharing, wording you should be using and any brand updates.
Marketing: This is uploaded by your brand and appears in the My Daily of your overlay, if you choose to share it. This content is shareable directly from your app.
Compelling content builds inspiration and inspiration builds sales.
Communication: Tips for Creating a Caption on Social Media
Context is key!
Solve a problem. "Help your baby sleep peacefully..."
People love numbers! Numbers are easy to follow..."3 best products for traveling with kids"
Ask a question! It drives engagement... "What is your favorite pacifier?"
Testimonials. Share success stories.
Platform: Instagram
Post your microsite in your BIO - you will earn commission for any sale that is generated through your link.  (Your microsite URL is in your MyReplika profile.)
Share directly to your Instagram through the MyReplika app - this pulls the board and makes it easy to post.
The board link can be added to your Instagram Story using the Swipe Up function if you have over 10K followers. Utilize hashtags (tag your brand & product , use popular hashtags associated with topics & tag #guguguide)
Platform Facebook
Compelling content builds inspiration and inspiration builds sales.
Share directly to Faceboo through the MyReplika app. This will pull the board image and board description to make it easier to post.
Personalize your message: tell a story, explain why you're sharing the products, what your experience is, your results from using the products.
Platform: SMS, Email, & WhatsApp
If you know your client personally, this is the best way to share, hands down! SMS/EMAIL/WHATSAPP have the highest click through rates and sales.
Share through the MyReplika app to track the KPIs of your board, if you don't share on the app you can't track (i.e. how many views, shares, etc.)
Add a personal message! If you remember something personal about your client, add it here...Make a connection! "Hope you had a great birthday!"