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Gugu Guru has launched its exciting new Gugu Guide program – where any parent can be an influencer and earn money on their product recommendations. Being a Gugu Guide is easy and fun. Simply create and curate your own unique shop that you fill with your favorite products. 

Gugu Guru gives you all the tools you need to sell. Share your product recommendations using a special link on your social media, email, SMS text message or WhatsApp. Then earn money when any of your friends, family or followers make a purchase. It’s as simple as that!

The best part? ANY parent can be a Gugu Guide! You don’t need to have followers or a blog. And there are no fees or inventory required to sign up. Plus, being a Gugu Guide comes with its VIP perks. You’ll have exclusive access to discover and try brand new products & brands, limited edition collaborations, special promotions and so much more!


Are you a baby & kid product expert who wants to earn income from your experience? Join the Gugu Guide program today - sign up below!