The Big Virtual Pandemic Playdate Ribbon Wand - Gugu Guru and Bumo Brain

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The Big Virtual Pandemic Playdate Ribbon Wand

Does your waddler, toddler, or preschooler enjoy:






Being reminded of their friends and people who love them?

Then THIS is the toy for you. Designed in collaboration with Gugu Guru and BümoBrain, a ribbon wand is the perfect prop to get your little one up, moving, engaging in gross motor skills play!

This souvenir of your time at The Big Virtual Pandemic Playdate toy is only available for a limited time and in limited quantities. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Please specify Long Ribbons (18" from ring) or Short Ribbons

Ribbon Wands are great for gross motor skills

Hand eye coordination is tough to teach at these ages, but biofeedback toys like these help develop those early gross motor skills that encourage balance, agility, and even grace as your child grows.

(Biofeedback is a fancy name for toys that move, make sounds, or light up when a child engages physically with them.)

But even more than all this body/brain development goodness, ribbon wands and hand kites are just plain FUN to play with. Every child becomes a ballerina, or a magician, or an astronaut, or whatever their imagination can dream up when they play with an open ended toy like this.

Our ribbon wands feature:

Smooth double sided satin ribbons (so soft)

Heat sealed ribbon edges (no fray)

Organic wooden ring 2.5" in diameter (won't break when dropped)


About our guarantee:  If your wood ring breaks for any reason, simply send it back and we’ll replace your ribbon wand.  We’ll even pay your return shipping.  Just send us an email through our website contact form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Long Ribbons are 36" untied, 16" ring to tip when tied.  We securely double knot the ribbons, but please be aware that ANY cord this length can become a strangulation hazard. Please supervise your children when playing with these toys.  

Short Ribbons are 18" untied, 6" ring to tip when tied. This version has been independently tested by a safety lab as a teething toy and passes all CPSC safety regulations.

Long Ribbon Version: THIS IS NOT A TEETHING TOY - STRANGULATION HAZARD  The ribbons are too long to be considered a teething toy. Supervision is required for young toddlers. Please see our other listings for toys that are safe for babies.

All toys meet all US CPSC Safety Regulations

Looking for more options for your ribbon wands?  Check out all of our colors here: