What are Baby Registry Must Haves?

April 02 2018 – Gugu Guru

What are Baby Registry Must Haves?

What are Baby Registry Must Haves?

Gugu Answers: What are Baby Registry Must Haves?

Here at Gugu Guru, we get the question "What are Baby Registry Must Haves?" a lot from new and expectant parents.  The reality is that the best "baby registry must haves" for YOU are undoubtedly different from those of other parents.

Here is a helpful baby registry checklist of some of Gugu Guru's "must have" picks vs "nice to have" picks.

However, at Gugu Guru, we actually think that asking someone like a best friend or family member "What are Baby Registry Must Haves?",  is the queen mother of all big baby registry mistakes. We say this all the time at Gugu Guru: the products that work for – even those products considered as “can’t live without” by – your bff or your sister may not be the right products for YOU.

As much as you have in common with your besties, your respective home décor and wardrobes probably look a lot different and that will be the same for the products you choose for parenting. Even more so, a year in the baby gear market is like dog years. New products and up-and-coming brands are a constant, and if you’re not staying on top of things and only going for what your friend used for her baby she delivered 6 months ago, you may just miss the perfect products for you.

This is why we came up with Gugu Concierge – our “white glove” service that gives you the MOST personalized help preparing for baby. Gugu Concierge helps you with baby registry and beyond so you can avoid all these mistakes, cut through the noise and get things right on your very first try.

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