Baby Layettes - A How To Guide

April 22 2018 – Gugu Guru

Baby Layettes - A How To Guide

Baby Layettes - A How To Guide

Baby Layettes - what are they and why are they important for your registry? A baby layette is a collection of all the essential clothing (think: onesies) and accessories (think: beanie hats, socks and mittens) for a newborn’s wardrobe.

When you're shopping for baby layettes, you want to make sure that you don't register for too much - especially too many pieces in the same size.  Here's a helpful how to guide on how to add baby layettes to your registry:

1. First and foremost, check out some baby layette set brands so that can do as much shopping and adding from one place as possible. Popular ones on Gugu Guru registries include Carter's and L'ovedbaby.

2. Some people consider layette to be just wardrobe and others consider baby layettes to be EVERYTHING from clothing to hooded towels to burp cloths.  As far as clothing for baby layettes, we recommend:

  • 1 "take-me-home" outfit
  • 7 bodysuits long-sleeve
  • 4 bodysuits short-sleeve
  • 3 shirt-and-pant sets
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 4 footed or footie coveralls (one-piece footed rompers)
  • 8 sleep gowns
  • 1 long-sleeve kimono cardigan
  • 2 sleep sacks

3. When you get your layette gifted to you or when you purchase it, be sure just to remove the tags and wash maybe one week's worth of pieces.  The reason being that you may have a bigger or smaller baby than anticipated and if you remove the tags and wash everything, you won't be able to exchange items if that is the case.

Of course, you can skip all of the legwork yourself and have a Gugu Concierge professional find and add your perfect layette to your registry.  Gugu Concierge is a personalized service that offers one-on-one guidance with professional baby planners to result in a curated registry of products based on each parent’s unique needs, lifestyle and preferences. Gugu Concierge is an affordable, unbiased and expert service that helps busy new parents prepare for a child. 


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